Welcome, my name is Lou and I am The Animal Translator.

This is me, a person whose love, understanding and compassion for animals and also their humans knows no bounds.

If you love animals, want to help your own animal or animals generally, then you are in the right place. The compassion and love shared here is so important in the development of the care and understanding of the wonderful and amazing animals around us.

I would like to help you help your own pet heal, whether that be physically or emotionally. I would love to help you understand your pet and their needs more deeply and in turn help your pets, or ‘Spiritual Companion’ as is their correct name, understand you, their human Spiritual Companion counterpart.

Animals are trying to communicate with us every day; trying to share their joy and excitement with us. Trying to give us comfort and love. And also trying to let us know when they don’t feel well or when something upsets or distresses them emotionally….and ultimately trying to tell us how we could help.

I have been blessed with and spent years developing the ability to connect and communicate with animals to identify specific physical and emotional health challenges – and to use my own energetic ability, along with theirs, to heal them.

How lucky we are to have animals around us.

How lucky we are to have animals around us.

Animals have so much to offer us and here is where you will find brand new Leading Edge Insight on everything Animal before it is known anywhere else!  I can’t wait to let you know everything my Higher Self Carolina and my awesome Team bring through for me to share with you. Let’s step into changing things for the better for the animals on this beautiful planet, because that will also change things so much for us humans too.

We can understand our loving Spiritual Companions so much more than we do and gain so much from that, as well as the knowledge of how to make them happier.

Are you ready to hear new learning that will blow your mind? Are you ready to move this planet forward? Are you ready to see animals for who and what they really are? Are you ready to understand how intelligent they are and how awesome it is to be sharing this planet with them?

Imagine being able to communicate with your Spiritual Companion and them with you. It is all possible! They’re ready – are you?

Let’s evolve together!

The Father smiled and softly said, “I’ve left you until the end,
I’ll turn my own name back to front, and call you ‘dog’ my friend.”

My passion for animals and their wellbeing is phenomenal. The love I have for them, particularly my girls Doris and May of course, is immeasurable. The love animals have to share is also immense, we just have to allow ourselves to see it.

I’d love to help:

I’d love to help:

The Fix

How do you feel when you have to go out or go to work, leaving your precious animal companion at home, possibly alone?

Are they OK? Or do they get anxious or suffer through this separation?
Are you constantly worried how they are, how they are coping?
Or is it that you know your pet wants or needs something to make them happy, but you can’t get to what that is?
I can help you both.
Many pawrents have concerns like these or similar and want to help their pets, or to give them their correct term, Spiritual Companion, as they love them and want them to be happy. If you have an issue like this or something different, know there is help here for you. I can understand animals and I will be able to help you understand what it is they need.
Imagine when you are separated knowing that they are fine and feel good and the comfort that would bring you! To know you are doing that for them and to feel the relief yourself too.
There are many scenarios other than these I can help with so don’t hesitate
to get the help you both need
What is it
– about that particular walk or part of walk
– about that particular person
– that is making them anxious
– that is causing them to be reactive
– that is making them quiet, sad, not eat or unsettled
In these inspirational sessions I’ll work with you and your pet to bring great, positive change.
It can help your pet feel secure, safe and happier.
Whatever that ‘thing’ is, let’s move it out of the way for good.
For both of you, together.
This is immediate and permanent change, not a ‘training’ thing.
This goes much deeper and much more potently than that.
This is Magic and Love!
Through my energetic expansion, I have an ability which enables me to provide cellular regeneration and healing, emotional and energetic healing, healing for the mind and LifeForce – whatever is needed by the animal. I also have the ability to communicate with animals so can help you share with them and help them share with you.
I am so passionate about enabling as many as possible to help our loved Spiritual Companions in whatever way they need. I want to help you help them.




Find out about new programs here. I offer One 2 One and Group work so see what is happening now and soon!  

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

‘Pawrents’ and pets

I fully understand the deep love humans have for the pet members of their family.

Sometimes it can be the ‘Pawrent’ that has the issue (although they often don’t actually realise it) rather than the animal and their pet is picking up on this which can manifest in a variety of ways. I can help both the pets and their ‘Pawrents’ overcome this. For human, loving help and guidance, go to my page for humans, ‘Aligned to You’.

I can help you let go your fears and those things holding you back, so you can also live with love and feel free and at the same time help your pet.

Some Client Love:

Some Client Love:

Jane Jackson

Flopsy & Chubby

I got in touch with Lou when we noticed one of our cats, Flopsy, had put on a lot of weight post neutering op. There had been a minor complication with the procedure and knowing the distress that it causes our cats, didn’t want an unnecessary trip to the vets. When I heard of Lou’s unique ability to connect with animals energetically to help with healing and behavioural issues I knew I had to get in touch. Lou was able to connect with Flopsy and see that the problem was not a physical issue but an emotional one. I had moved away from home to live on my canal boat during lockdown and knowing we had a house full of humans that were happy to share their love with the cats, it didn’t occur to me that Flopsy would feel confused and abandoned. After a few sessions Flopsy’s excessive eating habits calmed down and she has now re-attached herself to another human in the household so she is getting all the love she needs. One of our other cats, Chubby, got injured in a fight. He lost a claw and several weeks later the injury still wasn’t healing. Taking Chubby to the vets is life threatening for him, he has heart murmur that becomes worse whenever he is stressed. So again I called upon the assistance of Lou. She was able to see the sight of infection and send healing remotely. Within 48 hours he had stopped limping and showing any signs of discomfort. Lou has also shown me how easy it is for me to connect with the cats to understand how they are feeling and share my love with them, which has been a huge comfort to me whilst being separated from them physically. I highly recommend the services that Lou has to offer pawrents and their furry companions

Deborah O’Grady


Louise didn’t just help Bowie, she’s helped us as a whole family and supported us through a really tough time. Her calming voice soothed me and her insight was 100% accurate. I have no doubt that Louise saved Bowie’s life and I have so much love and gratitute for this wonderful woman.

Jenny Gordon


It’s hard to put into words what having Lou work with my dog Echo has meant to me. It has allowed me to build a bond with Echo that I never realised was possible and I can really understand her now and connect with her. My dog is very special. I’m sure everyone says that! But I’ve never come across such a loving dog. She has so much love to give. The understanding and insight Lou gave me on Echo’s health, her purpose and her personality have been so incredible. She has also really helped to rehabilitate Echo after a car incident and other chronic health issues.  Lou is gifted with her ability to easily connect to, understand and help your animal to heal. If you are lucky enough to come across Lou then do yourself a favour and book in. Believe me when I say, you won’t regret it. Thank you Lou. I’m forever grateful. xx