Believe Accredited Practitioner

Testimonial Time!

Here are some testimonials from beautiful clients it has been my honour to help. They have been couragous and taken the steps that were needed to enable them to live the life they came here to live. I have so much love for these awesome Souls.

Working with Lou has been nothing short of wonderful and amazing. Liv & Raf Ocana referred me to her, and I later learned that she was a Believe Accredited Practitioner. This means she will never mistranslate the information that she receives. It is so nice to know that Lou will always translate correctly. Being able to trust what she receives is so valuable 

With her support and guidance, I have learned that I can trust myself! I can receive and I can receive correctly! It’s been nice having Lou to confirm what I was receiving. Building that trust within myself has been one of the greatest “takeaways” Lou could have given me. 

Lou has also worked with my cats, Omega & Domino. I am very grateful for her skills in communicating and healing animals. She really helped me focus on a healing program for Domino when the veterinarian was trying every option. Like me, the cats too have made progress through their sessions with Lou. I’m even starting to connect to their higher selves! 

I think the main gift Lou has been able to give me is more trust in myself, my receiving, and my connecting. I know I won’t need to work with Lou forever, as somehow through a very sneaky way, she has shown me that I, too have wings and can fly on my own.

Lisa - Indianapolis, USA

Working with Lou and her Higher Self Carolina has literally changed my life.
She you makes you feel at home, safe. She is a gentle human being and I felt seen and heard all the time.
The guidance she receives from Carolina is spot on and really helpful.
The sessions I did with her on my Awakening journey and through the releasing process helped me get through it more quickly and smoothly.
I highly recommend working with this amazing lady.

In my first session with Lou I let go of 3 events in my life that caused me to suffer over and over as those repeated thoughts entered my head, you think you’ve dealt with stuff, and that you’ve filed it away but you realise after working with Lou, that you really hadn’t!  I can honestly say the relief I felt after the session was almost instant.  I felt lighter and more ease in my body and my head, than I had felt in a long, long time, and it made me realise even more that what your mind holds, your body holds!!

I knew it was time and I was in the right place for this. I’m so glad I did, ‘I understood’ after that and it doesn’t haunt me anymore. Freedom! What Lou communicates felt like it made all the cells in my body jingle, wake up and say thank you!

Like me, you may have several sessions to get rid of the baggage.  I believe from past experience that no amount of therapy can release these unwanted memories as quickly as this process!

It was wondrous to find out I had a Higher Self, Lou pointed me in the direction of understanding my Higher Self and going through a full releasing process.  With amazing thanks to Lou, and her incredible sessions I am now on a journey of freedom, ease, relief, more self-belief and bringing the love back into my life which was slowly fading.  

With so much love and enormous gratitude.

Sarah-Lou, South Yorkshire, England.