It’s Time to Commence your communication

in the most Leading Edge way!


20th October to 12th December


Develop your

Spiritual Companion Relationship

One 2 One

Our Beloved animals that most refer to as ‘pets’ are in fact our Spiritual Companions. This is the correct Spiritual Term for them. Our dogs, cats and rabbits for example are so much more than just furry friends that happen to pop into our lives. We agreed, as they did, to be in this very special of relationships with them in our Physical life and also Eternally, they are not with us by chance. They are such a Precious and Important part of our journey and have their own Soul Contract they wish to fulfill in their Physical life.

If you would Truly Love a closer and more meaningful connection with your Spiritual Companion then this Opportunity is here for you. This very Special time to Learn how to Connect with, Communicate with and Live Life with your Spiritual Companion will change so much for you and for them, for the better. This one to one will enable the most Fulfilling relationship with your Precious Spiritual Companion. Over our 8 weeks together we will have 2 weekly sessions. One hour long session to Receive individual and Bespoke Guidance for you and your Spiritual Companion along with the ‘Tasks’ for that week. Something Beautiful for you to work on Together. The second session will be to Receive feedback on what you have Achieved that week and also your Opportunity to Ask Questions for further Guidance.

For the time we are working together you will be able to leverage my Evolved Capability JEWEL and also my Capability as a Believe Accredited Practitioner, which means you cannot mistranslate or infiltrate what you Receive.

My ELITE CAPABILITY is specifically with animals and one that no one else on the planet has. This Evolved CAPABILITY means I have Access to Insight and Understanding on what is needed specifically for your Spiritual Companion and for you throughout the program.

I will Teach you what your Spiritual Companion Wants you to know.

There are only 3 places available for this Precious and Special program.

During this program I will Provide you with Energetic practices to Do with your Spiritual Companion, that you can keep and continue to re do after the program ends and Forever as you choose.

As this is a Focused one to one, the Guidance I receive for you will be totally Bespoke and individual, this is part of Reason why only 3 places are offered, it is Important and Precious.

Imagine being able to Understand and communicate with your pet and them with you. It is all possible! They’re ready – are you?

The Father smiled and softly said, “I’ve left you until the end,
I’ll turn my own name back to front, and call you ‘dog’ my friend.”

The love animals have to share is Immense, we just have to Allow ourselves to See it.

Is this for you?

If you want the very best and closest relationship as Spiritual Companions

then yes!

If you want True Understanding, again yes!

This program is however for those that are yet to Awaken or are Awakened

but not yet living in EvolvE YOU Energy.

(Something new coming soon for You Evolved Pawrents!)