Come and Join Us for this half day Workshop and Learn How to Enrich your’s and your Spiritual Companion’s Physical Experience Together!

Saturday 5th November

11am to 3pm GMT


Workshop of

Wonder and Love


This half day Workshop will be four hours of Love, fun and Learning. We will introduce you to so much that Matters to you and your animal Spiritual Companion, bring you the Understanding you Want, create ongoing closeness for you both
and have so much fun while we’re doing it!
There’ll be practice’s and tasks to try and to experience and you can ask questions as well!

This developing of the Spiritual Companion relationship and the reciprocity between you is so Important and Precious so if you’re wanting to explore this Possibility with your Spiritual Companion Come Join Us!

For the time we are working together you will be able to leverage my Elite, Evolved Capability specifically for animals and which no one else on the planet has. also my Capability as a Believe Accredited Practitioner, which means you cannot mistranslate or infiltrate what you Receive.

I will help you Learn what your Spiritual Companion So Wants you to know.


This awesome Workshop will Take place via zoom, you will not be on camera but will be able to Ask Questions live during the and after the sessions. There will be 4 session with a half hour break after the first two sessions. So much for you here and the Workshop will be recorded and sent to you by email, Enabling you to keep and to re do any part you wish to after the program ends

Your Spiritual Companion will be so glad you did this,

So will you!

The Father smiled and softly said, “I’ve left you until the end,
I’ll turn my own name back to front, and call you ‘dog’ my friend.”

The love animals have to share is Immense, we just have to Allow ourselves to See it.

Is this for you?

This is a fun Opportunity to Learn, Share and Find out so much more about your Spiritual Companions and to Build an even more Beautiful relationship

If this Feels Good to you, then yes!

You will Gain so much True Understanding and

Probability of True Connection by Taking part.